The University Mennonite Church (UMC) has received a grant from WPPSEF for Solar Panel Installation

November 11, 2022

The solar power system will consist of 75 roof-mounted panels which will produce approximately 27,000 KWh annually. The solar installation project is a major component of the church’s initiative to make their facility a Net-Zero Energy building. Other components of the UMC Net-Zero Energy plan include reducing annual electric consumption to about 24,000 KWh by supplementing existing resistant heating units with high efficiency heat pumps, using programable thermostats, and converting to more energy-efficient LED lighting.
Joel Morrison, WPPSEF Fund Administrator, stated: “UMC’s Net-Zero Energy plan can serve as a model for others in the Centre County region. Coupling energy efficiency improvements first to reduce their electric use followed by installing on-site electric production from a renewable energy technology is an approach often advocated by WPPSEF. This approach leads to a deeper energy reduction and less reliance on the electric grid”.

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