The Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company has received a grant from WPPSEF to replace fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting

April 15, 2019

The goal of the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company is to effectively and efficiently provide emergency and public services to the community.  Their goal is to replace our current lighting with...Read More

Rostraver Public Library Receives Grant From WPPSEF For Building Energy Audit

April 11, 2019

The audit will be the first step in the Library’s commitment to utilizing more sustainable energy options.  The Rostraver Public Library (RPL) Board of Directors will use the results to...Read More

Anaerobic digester will enhance nutrient management at Penn State farms with help from a WPPSEF Grant

February 13, 2019

An anaerobic digester being constructed as part of the Department of Animal Science’s renovation project at its farms is a part of its total nutrient management program that will also...Read More

State College Borough Water Authority to Implement Advanced Energy Efficiency Technology with a Grant from WPPSEF

January 17, 2019

The State College Borough Water Authority received a $50,000 grant from WPPSEF to implement variable speed frequency drives on pumps at the proposed Nixon-Kocher Water Treatment Facility. The new treatment...Read More

WPPSEF Launches New ACT 129 Energy Micro Loan Program

January 2, 2019

Are you a West Penn Power business customer? Do you have an electric energy efficiency project? Is your project qualified under ACT 129? ACT 129 Energy Micro Loans are offered...Read More

Mount Pleasant Library to Add Energy Efficiency Upgrades With a Grant From WPPSEF

December 20, 2018

Mount Pleasant Public Library received a $58,000 grant from WPPSEF to replace its HVAC, hot water heater, and outdoor lighting with more efficient models. WPPSEF Board awarded the grant after...Read More


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